Washington State Wildfire Prompts Closure of Wildlife Areas

Friday, July 23, 2021

Okanogan County, Washington, is once again experiencing wildfires. To date, there are 3 wildfires in our area plus 1 very close to the Washington Canada border. 

In response to the risk from ongoing wildfires, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, all Eastern Washington Wildlife areas are open for day use only.

The Cedar Creek/Delancy Fire in the Methow Valley has 4 Level 2 Evacuation Notices near Winthrop. These areas include Pine Forest Development, Moccasin Ranch area, Wolf Creek area and Twin Lakes area. The Methow Valley School Gym has been designated a shelter. 

The Chuweah Creek Fire has Level 1 evacuations for Nespelem, Keller and McGinnis Lake while the San Poil Valley Highway has Level 2 evacuations.

The wildfire nearest our deer hunting grounds is in the Nk'Mip Fire North of Highway 3 in Canada. This fire has prompted Level 1 evacuations for the Nine Mile Development in Molson.

As a reminder, here are the level notices:

Level 1 - Advisory

Level 2 - Be ready, take action if necessary

Level 3 - Evacuate immediately

For more information on the Okanogan County fires, please visit the Okanogan County Emergency Page.

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