Defensive Wolf Attack Stevens County, Washington

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

On October 7, 2020, a man from Colville, WA was surrounded by wolves (AmmoLand). He was checking his game cameras near Rocky Creek Road when he saw wolves about 30 yards away. He tried to yell at the wolves but the pack did not retreat. They started growling and bared teeth. 

The man was carrying his Browning A-Bolt Mini Medallion rifle in 7mm-08 caliber. In an attempt to protect himself, he shot of the wolves on the chest. While howling, the pack of wolves retreated.

Jeff Flood, Conflict Specialist of the Washington State Department of Fish and Game investigated and found the dead wolf. Stevens County Sherriff Brad Manke was also on the scene and confirmed that the man acted lawfully. WDFW also determined that no crime was committed and the man acted in self-defense.

The wolf that was killed was from the Smackout Pack. The Pack was confirmed as a wolf pack by WDFW in 2011. 

Experts advised carrying a weapon when in the woods.

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