3 Best Deer Hunting Tips During The Rut

Sunday, November 8, 2020 Chesaw, WA 98844, USA

We have snow on the ground in Chesaw, Washington. We are located in the Okanogan Highlands which in in Washington State Game

Management Unit 204 (GMU 204) You know rut is just around the corner. Late archery in our area is usually after Thanksgiving. For the year 2020, November 25th to December 15th. Here are 5 of the best deer hunting tips specially tailored for our area:

1. Be Flexible

You're situated in your hunting blind. You're very comfortable but there just hasn't been any action for a couple of days. You've traveled to this sweet spot for 4 years in a row. What do you do? 


Did you check your game cameras? How fresh is your intel? Any tracks or evidence of deer? Any evidence of bedding or food sources? If you are hitting zilch, you need to be open to moving.

2. Are you using the right call for the rut season?

It's the rut! Do not bother using any other call aside from the "deer in heat" call. Bucks are only interested in finding does who are in estrus. A couple of "bleats" and perhaps 4 to 5 burps should do it!

3. Stay still and stay put.

Are you fidgeting? Thinking about leaving early? It's very common to see bucks travel wild during the day. Don't make the mistake of leaving your tree stand only to find out from your game cam that a big buck wondered within a few feet of your tree stand.

Are you still looking for a place to hunt in Washington State this year? Our reservation desk is open. We are located a few minutes from the town of Chesaw, WA and is in Washington State Fish and Wildlife Game Management Unit 204. For late archer season, the dates are:

November 25, 2020 to December 15, 2020 (White-Tailed Deer only)
(Reservation desk OPEN)
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Hope to hear from you.

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