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Sunday, October 6, 2019 Chesaw, WA 98844, USA

There are a handful of tips successful deer hunters in the Okanogan Highlands abide by. Follow these tips as you prepare for deer hunting season in 2019. It's a good idea to make a checklist and re-check it every season. 
Deer Hunting In Okanogan County
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Successful hunters in Easter Washington know that deer hunting is a year-round sport. They scout year-round. They visit their favorite hunting grounds often. They have backup plans just in case deer habits change in the usual areas.

It's a good idea to check in with Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website for your deer hunting license and other pertinent information . It's good to refresh yourself about deer hunting rules and regulations, deer hunting hours, a spell as deer hunt forecast in Washington State. The WDFW website does a good job of covering statistics as well. For year 2019, deer hunting is set for October 12th through October 22nd in the Okanogan Highlands .  That covers White-Tailed Deer hunting for our area including game management Unit 203 through 284.

Listed below are 5 deer hunting tips that successful hunters practice throughout the year. Incorporating these tips will help make you a successful deer hunter in October and thorough late archery season in Okanogan County

If you are hunting for deer in Washington State, your scouting efforts in winter, spring, and summer will pay off during deer hunting season. We are lucky in the Okanogan Highlands. We have both species of White-Tailed Deer and Mule Deer.  According to the Washington State of Fish and Wildlife, most deer hunting areas in Okanogan County are privately-owned. So, make sure you ask for permission from your friendly hunter or rancher early.

Harvested Deer

Get to know your hunting areas. Are you hunting for 
Mule Deer? They are browsers and eat the most nutritious part of plants. They reside in forests that are full of pine trees. They also like desert scrublands such as those in the Okanogan Valley. As you know, deer are maternal. Find water sources in your hunting spot. Make sure your tree stand is already setup because deer are most active at dawn and at dusk.
Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has a team of biologists who are passionate about deer in our state. They know animal behavior and they share it with the public every year. For the year 2019, they say, "deer are likely to be widely dispersed at higher elevations and will likely stay high on green forage thru general season" (District 6 Hunting Prospects 2019).

Even if you will hunting on a tree stand, deer hunting can push your physical limit. In Okanogan Highlands, we have very rough terrain. It's rocky and elevations are around 4,000 feet. It's best to be prepared by doing cardio exercises 3 times per week. Weight lifting is also recommended.
Okanogan Highlands
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Unless you have buddies or hired hunting guides, who's gonna help you pack out that monster Mule Deer?


I don't mean hydrate with coffee. You need food and drinks that are long-lasting. Too many carbs or sugar will just drain your energy mid-afternoon. Pack some good protein bars with you. Drink plenty of fluids before you go out.

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