Wild Turkey Hunts WA State Spring General Season 2019

Friday, May 3, 2019

Gobble, gobble! 

Washington State Wild Turkey Spring Hunt is almost here. Spring General Season is from April 15th to May 31st. It's not too late to get your license.
Turkey Hunting in the Okanogan Highlands

If you need a guide, a place to stay, and gourmet meals sourced from local ingredients, we still have some dates open. Book now. We are flexible and can accommodate most needs.

Some reminders about Wild Turkey Spring General Season:
1) Male turkeys with visible beards only.
2) You must report turkeys bagged by January 31, 2020

Turkeys in our neck of the woods are tasty. They are good fried, baked or in stews. If you enjoy Turkey Jerky, here's a recipe we've tried. We're not fans of spicy food, so we omit the Asian Chili Paste.

The Wild Turkey Youth Hunt is going on this weekend. I saw little tikes in their camo gear in Tonasket last Friday. What a hoot. Start early, I say.

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