2018 Good Deer Hunting Forecast: Okanogan County Washington State

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Okanogan County, WA, USA

The 2018 deer hunting season in District 6, Okanogan County, Washington State looks promising. Wildlife Biologists Scott Fitkin and Jeff Heinlen forecast "good opportunities" for older bucks in our district (SCOTT FITKIN, JEFF HEINLEN, 2018, pp. 6-7). The biologists also expect deer to be concentrated on cooler areas due to the long dry season in the county.

Our private hunting area is located in GMU 204. According to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, our district harvested
Guided Deer Hunts
Okanogan Highlands
the most number of deer in 2017. Of the total 1,966 deer harvested, our area GMU 204 in the Okanogan Highlands 615 deer. The archery season harvested the most deer at 27 percent followed by "multiple" at 25 percent and muzzleloader at 24 percent. During the Modern Firearm season, 13 percent of the 1,966 deer were harvested.  259 deer were antlerless and the rest of the harvest were bucks at 1,707. Not surprisingly, the Washington State Department of Wildlife states that there are more white-tailed deer as you move east in Okanogan County. We do see more white-tailed deer in the Okanogan Highlands.

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