Favorable Deer Hunting Forecast For 2017 Okanogan County Washington State

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Copyright: photokanok / 123RF Stock Photo

In spite of recent wildfires in District 6 (Okanogan County), the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), reports that deer populations are doing fine (Fitkin and Heinlen, page 5). “Good to excellent” opportunity for our district was reported by area biologists (Fitkin and Heinlen, page 6).  WDFW is giving particular attention to GMUs 204, 233, and 239 due to the fires in 2014 and 2015. District 6 does have mule deer as well as white-tailed deer. Once again, GMU 204 yielded the highest number of deer harvested in 2016. Harvest rates for 2017 are forecasted to be around the 10-year average for our area.

During modern firearm season and as long as rampant vegetation is still available, WDFW forecasts that deer will stay in the general area as opposed to moving in their winter range areas. According to WDFW, mule deer will forage in open areas mostly at dusk and dawn. Since deer are in mostly open areas, WDFW states that “they can be glasses and stalked from a distance” (Fitkin and Heinlen page 7) However, in our neighborhood, there are quite a bit of deer activity during daytime.

As usual, biological checks will be performed at the Red Barn in Winthrop during modern firearm general deer season. Data collected assists our biologists to assess herd health as well as help them manage deer populations.

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