Trophy Buck

Thursday, January 15, 2015 Oroville, WA 98844, USA

Photo Credit: Jack Collier (Mounted Buck Harvested in the Okanogan Highlands)

Our client Lene harvested the above pictured 5 x 5 buck in the Okanogan Highlands in October  of 2013. Her hunting party booked a four-day hunt with Okanogan Highlands Outfitters.  You may call the adventure grueling for it involved day hikes up to 4,500 feet. Certainly, altitude was a factor. As one of our grouse hunters can attest, the terrain was rugged. It was a chilly October morning. If you hunt, you're aware that patience is part of the game. On the last day of Lene's booked guided hunt, she bagged her first deer. The celebration started almost immediately for two reasons. It was Lene's first buck and she received a marriage proposal that was 5 years in the making. Her fiance Jack placed the ring on the buck's antler's and proposed marriage. They were married in March of 2014.

With the help of Jack and Lene's guide Jim, she learned how to skin the deer. Very little was done in terms of field dressing. Most of the steps to prepare the deer for butchering were done near Okanagan Highlands Outfitters' guest cabin. 

After dropping off the deer for meat processing, Lene also met with a local taxidermist for preservation. Lene ordered a shoulder mount. Well, you may say Lene's patience paid off once again. A year and 2 months later, her mounted buck arrived. Lene's 2-legged buck" married her in March 2014.

Taxidermy prices varies regionally. They start from about $600 for shoulder mounts goes up from there. European mounts are quite a bit cheaper. As part of our service at Okanogan Highlands Outfitters, information regarding local meat processors, taxidermy services, etc., are provided at no additional cost.

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