Okanogan Valley Poachers Illegally Harvest 10 Trophy Deer

Monday, March 18, 2013 Okanogan, WA 98840, USA

In the case of the “headless bucks,” Washington State Department of Fish and
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Wildlife reported seizure of 9 trophy deer heads in the execution of search warrants on March 1st. A tenth deer head was recovered in February. The Wenatchee World reports
the poaching ring suspects all new each other. The poachers illegally harvest trophy bucks. The smallest deer head has 4 points on each side. If convicted, poachers may pay $6,000 per buck plus court fees. 

Wildlife officers have been working on the case since November. They received tips from residents in the Okanogan Valley who have been finding headless deer carcasses from Mallot to Okanogan. Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has been working with Okanogan Sherriff deputies as well as Colville Tribal Police and wildlife officers from several counties to find the poachers.

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