Camo Clothing A Must during Spring Turkey Season

Thursday, November 12, 2020 Oroville, WA 98844, USA

“Turkey hunting is a memorable experience in the Okanogan Highlands” says founder Bill Mercado. Bill nabbed his first Tom during opening week. The Tom responded to his calls and Bill had a clean shot to the head.

Camo clothing from head to food is necessary since turkeys have very good eyesight. In Washington State, only Toms and Jakes maybe harvested during the spring. Be very sure of your target, since stiff penalties await to those who accidentally shoot hens. Because all the hunters are also wearing camouflage clothing, be very certain of what you are aiming at. Stalking birds is not advisable. Calling the turkeys to come to you works better. The bird you are staking maybe a fellow hunter.

Turkey hunting with the Okanogan Highlands Outfitters lasts until May 31st. We also have guided trout fishing available. Please contact if you are interested in booking your hunting or fishing trip.

Photo Credit: Okanogan Highlands Outfitters

Photo Credit: Okanogan Highlands Outfitters

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